MINI ×MONO 単色の美学に寄せてー

2017.9.04 (月) - 9.29 (金)

11:00-18:00 (日祝休)






MINI×MONO – Minimalism and Monochrome

2017.9.04 (Mon.)  – 9.29 (Fri.)

11:00-18:00 (Closed on Sun.and National holiday)


Breaking the conventions in art – colors, forms, depictions and the like, a new trend called Monoha (or Minimalism and Monochrome)

emerged in pursuit of freedom and new possibilities in artistic expressions.

Takeda Art Co’s exhibit will feature both paintings and sculptures by Yoshishige Saito, Jiro Takamatsu, U fan Lee, Kishio Suga and

others with a glimpse of the post-war abstract expressions from the 60’s through the 80s.