2011.10.05 Wed. - 10.29 Sat.

11:00-18:00 (日祝休)



今年度ヴェネツィア・ビエンナーレ公式プログラム‘REAL VENICE’展で唯一の日本人作家として発表しています。

たけだ美術では、オリジナルの銀塩プリントを中心に、 ‘REAL VENICE’のために制作した







Hiroshi Watanabe Photo Exhibition      

Place :  Takeda Art Co.

Date :  October 05 – 29,  2011

Time :  11:00 – 18:00 (closed on Sunday and national holidays)

Takeda Art Co. announces the Hiroshi Watanabe Photo Exhibition.


This is the first photo exhibition for our gallery.


Watanabe, who plays an active role in the US, presents his works in this year’s Venice Biennale official program

“REAL VENICE” exhibition as the only Japanese photographer.


Takeda Art Co. exhibits and sells all the 13 pieces of portrait series of Comedia del’Arte,

made for ‘REAL VENICE’, centering on the original silver gelatin prints. All of them have a very high quality.


We hope you will enjoy our exhibition.